6 Reasons you will most likely benefit from a stay at a Boutique hotel or Guesthouse

Posted on Mon February 22, 2021.

Enjoy a more cozy experience that lacks the vastness of a chain hotel.

As today's traveller’s gravitate toward unique lodging accommodations, the boutique hotel and Guesthouse scene are travellers top choices. Whether you are planning a romantic getaway, family vacation or a business trip, it is necessary for you to choose the right location where you will be going to stay. Location where you are going to stay plays a very important role during your trip. Different types of accommodations offer different benefits. Travellers looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind stay the most likely to benefit from a stay at a boutique hotel or Guesthouse.  So, why is Gardenia Boutique Hotel and Gardenia House a great option for you? Here are our Top 6 reasons!

1.     Personalised Service: 

One of the key factors of Gardenia Boutique Hotel and Gardenia House is that of us being smaller than a hotel, meaning that it accommodates fewer guests. An advantage to this is that the level of service you receive would be more attentive, ensuring that you get the kind of treatment that you really want. Personalised greets of  guests can be expected  and help is available throughout your stay. All of our staff have a shared vision of the personality of our accommodation offerings as a result the guest service provided is more likely to be exceptional, and the level of service provided to stand out amongst our competitors.

2.     Feeling Like Home:

Probably the most obvious difference between hotels and boutique offerings is the overall atmosphere. Since guest houses are, as the name suggests, houses that are ready to be rented to guests, you will definitely feel more at home than in a generic hotel room. Hotels are often impersonal and sometimes even intimidating, while guest houses have character and will make you feel welcome. Boutique hotels are suitable for traveller’s who come and usually go, so that makes the place vibrant with different people, fun, energetic vibes, and keeps up with the pulse of the city. 

3.     Room Size:

Our apartments and suites are larger than the average hotel room. This makes it a great space to share with another family, extended family or just enjoy the large space with your own family. Have a group of friends who want a getaway and want to split the cost at an affordable price? Our rooms are a great option. Our average room sizes are broken down below:

Gardenia Boutique Hotel 15 Rooms – Average Room Size = 58 SQM

Gardenia House 8 Rooms – Average Room Size = 35 SQM

4.     Affordability:

When you compare what you would pay for a hotel room, you would find that you would pay considerably less for a room in Gardenia Boutique Hotel or Gardenia House. If you’re worried that this means lower quality, our rooms have proven to offer as much luxury as that found in hotels. Affordability is one of the things our guests praise us for during and after their stays. All of our rates as well as include Bed & Breakfast resulting in bang for your buck whilst staying with us.

5.     Location:

Craighall Park and Hyde Park  are  incredibly centrally located.  In the middle of the Parks region of Joburg, it is 3km from the Rosebank Gautrain Station, 7km from Sandton, and 9km from Johannesburg Central. One of our guests’ favorite aspects is that they get to stay in a neighbourhood. We are centrally located to everything that you may need whilst on your travellers, our setting is quite and secure with everything on your doorstep.

6.     Top Amenities:

To ensure a quality stay, every aspect of the rooms has been thoughtfully put together . Whether travelling for business or leisure, you can be sure you will be well looked after. For your comfort, the beds are extra length and each room has a flat screen TV with full  DSTV Bouquet and streaming services such as Netflix. As the traveller of today has adapted to the great technological change we have ensured you can keep abreast of all changes with our excellent fast speed internet provided throughout our property and rooms. We have installed and supplied a Gigabyte line into our properties to ensure there is never downtime whilst staying with us.

We could give lots more reasons for staying at Gardenia Boutique Hotel and Gardenia House  but we think that the above is enough to get you to stay with us and find out the plenty more reasons whilst on your stay. We look forward to welcoming and hosting you soon.