There is no doubt that the Gardenia Boutique Hotel is just that little bit different.


Colourful, attentive, warm and inviting just like much of Tretchikoff’s best known art. Above all, very South African and proud of it! Come and escape a little. None of this Home Away from Home stuff. What would be the point of going away? You want to be delighted and entertained don’t you?

Let’s have some fun! There is a basis for dozens of short stories in each of the many prints decorating the Gardenia Boutique Hotel. We invite you to Facebook us an image and write up your little bit of fantasy.

Tell us your Story

Whilst you may discover hidden talents you may even be featured here in our Blog and invited to return for a stay over with your significant other? Here’s something we bet you didn’t know to get you started…

People often ask Tretchikoff to name the most remarkable sitter he has ever painted. He will hesitate and then say: “I have had so many sitters, some famous, some completely unknown, nut if you force a choice on me, I would name Alicia Markova, the greatest ballet dancer. During her 1949 tour of South Africa I saw her in her famous role of the “Dying Swan” and “Giselle”. Her artistry fascinated me and for the first time I yearned to paint a ballerina – the result … The Dying Swan and Giselle